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Overcome Asymmetric Odds

What is Business Wargaming?

A group exercise led by experienced business and military leaders designed to provide your organization with a better understanding of how to develop effective strategies to address a pressing problem or important opportunity.

How is Business Wargaming Different?

Business wargaming complements traditional strategic planning but adds a critical step – testing the selected strategy.

Why Should you Consider Business Wargaming?

An effective competitive strategy is not static it must adjust to the impacts  the competitive marketplace, regulatory backdrop, and social influences will invariably have. Business war games are designed to help corporate decision-makers pressure test key ideas, make informed decisions, and drive an improvement in strategic thinking. Wargaming can help a company overcome existing mental models, think creatively to address highly complex situations, and encourage collaboration and teamwork.

What Do You Gain?


Research, market analysis, and market toursare completed as necessary prior to the sessions to ensure key issues and goals are defined.

Strategy Stress-Testing

Opportunity to test preliminary strategies and plans to mitigate risk before going to market.

Actionable plans

Customized strategies are developed in conjunction with our expert business and sales leaders.


A final report highlighting key information from our initial research, individual group sessions and final interactive presentation is provided.


Asymmetric’s experienced research, operations optimization, creative, digital, and systems teams can help you execute your defined plans and achieve your goals.

How Does Business Wargaming Work?

Preliminary research, market analysis and tours are completed as necessary to define the objectives and the key stakeholders.

  • A diverse representation of the organization meets either in-person or remotely to participate in a one- or two-day workshop that encourages creative thinking and teamwork.

  • The organization is taught key military and business strategies, tools, and models to help develop a broad perspective on how best to approach the defined objective.

  • Teams are created to represent the client company, the market, the competition, and other defined groups impacting the defined objectives.

  • Through role-playing exercises, groups are given objectives and work independently to develop their own unique strategy.

  • Each group presents their strategy to both win in the marketplace and defeat each other.

  • The group analyzes and discusses the results of the game in order to improve your organization’s understanding of the possible reactions the market will make and allow for insightful revisions to existing plans.


Strategy Frameworks

To ensure that our strategy formulation and implementation projects are well considered, we use a variety of frameworks:

  • Enhanced SWOT
  • Blue Ocean
  • Five Forces
  • BCG Matrix
  • Scenario Planning
  • Value Chain Analysis

Our process involves the use of a collaborative whiteboard and canvas.  The interactive nature of these tools ensures that everyone on the team is involved and their input is considered.

SWOT Analysis Framework - Asymmetric

The Asymmetric Wargame Framework

Is Wargaming Right for My Business?

If you are seeking to succeed in a competitive marketplace, Asymmetric’s variety of wargaming and strategy development options will position your team to confidently create informed plans and uniquely targeted strategies.


A U.S. regional bank was finding it hard to grow because they were not adequately differentiated from other banks. They wanted to develop a positioning that was unique and then to create products and services that truly made them stand out from the crowd.

A global consumer goods company wanted to bid against another global competitor in a tender offer for business with McDonald’s. We helped design the approach, the negotiating strategy, the presentation to McDonald’s, and the pitch deck.

A major healthcare company that designed a unique cancer detection technology needed help identifying a range of route to-market options, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each, modeling the cost/benefit for each, and ultimately assisting them in the implementation of the selected route-to-market.

Are Business Wargames Expensive?

We customize each wargame to the unique needs of our clients, both in terms of unique objectives or issues and budgets. Typically we offer half-day strategy sessions, single day workshops, and in depth two day wargames.


Contact us to learn more about how Asymmetric Strategy can help you effectively and efficiently grow your business.

Strategy Formulation

General Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander for the allied invasion of France on D-Day, said: "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

Businesses need to develop strategic plans that will inform decisions regarding marketing and operational tactics.

We organize, lead, and manage strategy formulation sessions and wargaming exercises that ensure that all aspects of a strategy are fully considered.  These exercises are key to identifying unexpected outcomes and unintended consequences of any strategic initiative.

Asymmetric's strategy development process includes concepts, principles, tools, frameworks, and processes that will help your business create effective and efficient strategic plans that will help you win in the marketplace.

General Dwight Eisenhower
Asymmetric Marketing - Winning the Uneven Fight

Who is Asymmetric?

The Experienced Leader in Competitive, Market and Customer Intelligence" "Asymmetric was founded in 2006 with a mission to take the lessons we have learned through military, sales, and marketing roles in companies both large and small, and successful entrepreneurial experiences to help our clients be competitive.

We are a strategy agency made up of experienced entrepreneurs, military, and business leaders that have direct experience in the markets we serve.

Our founder, Mark Hope, is a seasoned business executive that has founded and led several companies successfully. Mark’s career began in the US Army where he was a Special Operations Officer serving in a variety of roles with elite units and has evolved across companies large and small in a wide range of industry sectors.

Asymmetric has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups. We work with companies all over the globe that sell products as well as services.

Our Approach

We apply both ancient and contemporary military strategy principles to a broad spectrum of business practices, needs, and problems to develop strategies to better enable companies to compete in the marketplace.

We use both tried and true systems and tools and cutting edge technology to provide insights to address our clients' needs.

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Why Asymmetric Strategy is Different?

Our executive team all have had direct experience accomplishing the very goals our clients wish to achieve. Because we have walked in your shoes, we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed.

Our diverse military and business experience allows us to provide our clients with a truly unique perspective.

Our training in the principles, strategies, and tactics of guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, low-intensity conflict, and counter-insurgency combined with our experience in leadership roles in companies both large and small as well as new and established enables us to envision business strategy in a new and beneficial way.

Our Partners

Some of Our Amazing Clients


Contact us to learn more about how Asymmetric can help you effectively and efficiently grow your business.


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